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Hey there,

I'll try to keep this blog as waffle free as possible. You should read on, enjoy and save this Wellington-specific blog if you:

  • Cycle in Wellington already and want to seek out info on maps, organisations, buying new and used bikes and maintenance tips
  • Want to cycle in Wellington and are looking for any info you can get including the above and rules of the road, getting super-cheap or free bikes and cycling advice

Cycling in Wellington is great whether you're commuting to work or uni, making simple A to Bs quicker and cheaper, BMXing, Mountain biking and of course flexing your eco warrior muscles.

Lovely points about cycling in Welly are:

  • Great hills for improving fitness, beautiful views and adrenaline rushes
  • Easy flat downtown areas for getting around the shops and services
  • Wonderful and lengthy coastlines for leisurely paces, exercise and thoughtful gazes out to sea

Challenging factors include:

  • The Wind: Not worth quitting over but something to be cautious about (see cycling tips)
  • The Hills: If you live up in the hills it's a fast, easy ride to town and challenging exercise back (it's best to see it this way)
  • The Roads: Cycling on the roads gets better the more cyclists there are, so keep calm, learn the rules, be visible and keep cycling

On this blog I have compiled the best of what I know, through cycling my whole life and in Wellington, that I wish to share with you very attractive people through links and advice.
Look at the table of contents to skip on to what you want so you can read it and get back on your bike as soon as possible.

I wish you Happy, Safe and Cheap cycling

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